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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Terrorism is a fundamental part of Islam

From: rishidwivedi1
Date: Oct 29, 2005 4:34 PM
Subject: Islam is terrorism - Mullah

Terrorism is indeed Islam, says Mulla
"Anyone who denies that terrorism is a part of Islam is a Kafir"

All of us have heard how in the western countries and other non-muslim countries most Islamic scholars and leaders talk about Islam being a religion of peace. Such distorted interpretations by Muslims in these regions can be understood to be an effort to mislead and misinform the ignorant people who have accepted them as their countrymen and provided them an opportunity to live a better life.

They cunningly hide the violent, intolerant and utterly offensive verses of the Qur'an by saying that 'those verses are out of context' and are not applicable to the infidels. But do you know that even in the west there are Islamists who dare to reveal the real face of Islam? I say, we should thank them for their blunt honesty and be very careful about these apologist Muslims who are the most dangerous and hidden enemies of every non-muslim. A known devil is always easier to deal with than the unknown one.

Here I present to you the views of one well known Muslim cleric from the west, Omar Bakri Muhammad who was recently barred from re-entering the UK. In a website run by his followers ( he straightforwardly and boldly declares, "Anyone who denies that terrorism is a part of Islam is a Kafir." He claims that terrorism is infact a fundamental part of Islam and anyone who denies that is a disbeliever.

As regards how Muslims are obligated to prepare for war and instill terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah, the following is quoted by the cleric:

Allah (swt) says, "Prepare as much as you can from power (missile weaponry) and steeds of war, in order to terrify the enemy of Allah" [EMQ Anfal: 60]

Allah (swt) made it obligatory in this ayah to prepare (Al I'daad) and to terrify (Al Irhaab) the enemy of Allah. This is waajib (legitimate) and this ayah is qati' (clear cut) and whoever denies its meaning is kaafir regardless of his `interpretation' of terrorism.

Allah (swt) says, "Nobody rejects the ayat except the Kafirun." [EMQ Ankabut: 47]

The ayah mentioned Al Ijhaad, which means: "To reject and say by the tongue: `it is not true'."

Furthermore, Allah (swt) says, "Who is more oppressor than the one who lies about Allah or denies the truth when it comes to him? Is there not a place in hell for the Kafirun? As for those who strive hard in our cause, we will surely guide them to our paths. Verily, Allah is with the uhsinun." [EMQ Ankabut: 68-69]

Whoever says that Islam is free from terrorism or wants to differentiate between Islam and terrorism is committing Al Juhoud and that is Kufr Akbar( greatest sin) – and will take them out of the fold of Islam.

The one who says `we should fight against terrorism', he is fighting against Islam. We know very well that USA meant no one else by the term `terrorists' but Islam and Muslims and the one who wants to avoid terrorism, is avoiding Islam.

As regards who are innocent or civilians, Omar Bakri Muhammad goes on to say,

Islam does not recognize any difference between the kuffar, they are either zhimmi (under the Islamic state) or mu'ahhed (has covenant with a Muslim), or he is harbi and has no sanctity for his life or wealth.

There is no such thing as an `innocent' kafir, innocence is only applicable for the Muslims; do not say `innocent' for the kafir, the most you can say for them is that they are `victims'. The Muslim
however, is innocent even if he engages to fight and conquer the kafir, because he is fulfilling the shari'ah.

In the Shari'ah we either say zhimmi or harbi, zhimmi is either man, woman or child. The purpose of this classification is the need to know who from among them will pay the jizyah.

The Harbi is classified for his hukm, is it hukman only? or hukman wa fi'lan – meaning that we fight him? Those we fight are those who are male, young and rich (i.e. they are suitable for fighting). They deserve to be fought, whether they fight us or not.

Generally the harbi hukman (non-fighter) but not fi'lan are the women and children as long as they do not actually fight, the elder men, the disabled men, the blind or insane men etc, none of these are fought against as long as they do not themselves fight (like they do today) nor supports the fighting, nor do they do anything that leads to support of the fighting. [Al Mughni – ibn Qudama Al Maqdisi]

Nowadays, the women are also fighting ( e.g. in Israel) and so take the same hukm as the enemy and should be terrorised along with them. Imam Shafi'i said, "There is no dispute among the fuqaha that if the non-fighters begin to fight, they will be killed." [Kitab ul Umm]

Therefore, to use the term `innocent' or `civilian' is not correct because we know that the majority of men are fighters because of their capability to fight. Not only is it obligatory to fight them, it is haram (forbidden) to feel sorry for them when they are killed. It is haram for us to feel sorry for them when Allah sends on them natural disasters, let alone when they are killed deliberately for the sake of Allah.

For children of Kafirs (non-muslims); Even children, if they begin to fight they will be fought with the enemy as fighters, the exception only being the babies. Toddlers will never be called fighters and they are the only ones who some fuqaha say that they are innocent, others say no, that they are the children of the kuffar and so are kuffar like them. Ahl Al Sunnah Wal Jama'ah believes that the babies are born on the fitrah and the children of the kuffar are on their way to becoming kafir.

He further rebukes those Muslims who talk about peace thus: We find that the Muslims are completely confused, in this time of crisis we should turn to Allah, yet the Muslims are more and more turning to the kuffar. Because of their lack of understanding of Islam, they do not know who their enemies are and who their friends are, they do not know who is Muslim or who is Kafir.

The Muslims readily attack and condemn other Muslims because they commit terrorist acts, yet they do not know that Terrorism is obligatory in Islam against the enemy of Allah. Neither do they believe in terrorism nor do they know that the kuffar are our enemies and the enemies of Allah; resulting that they ally with them against other Muslims. In this time when all the kufr is spread and all the batil (forbidden things) is prevalent, when people are leaving the deen of Islam without to know, it is essential for there to be Muslims rising to command good and forbid evil, to address and elaborate these issues for the people so that the Haq (truth of Islam) may prevail and confront the batil.

Word of Caution: The above material is just a summary of the teachings and preaching of this Muslim cleric from the western world. If you are interested to read more, then visit his website for more information about the Real Islam. We should strive to educate and unveil the face of this threatening political movement for the safety and wellbeing of all our brethren in dharma. We must participate unitedly in spreading the truth all across the world. Let us pledge to wake up and fight this menace for the survival of us and our future generations!

Amogh Shaikh

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