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Thursday, December 04, 2008

It is a war against India, come together against it: VHP

Condemning the gruesome jehadi attack on India’s commercial hub Mumbai on November 26, VHP president Ashok Singhal and general secretary Dr Pravin Togadia termed it a jehadi war against India and said all Indians should come together against it. “It is not just a one off attack; but this is jehadi war against India and Indians. It is not as simple as it looks as jehadis have used multi-techniques to enter India and Mumbai, then to enter various crowded and nationally important places and then to strategically attack and take important people hostage. VHP is with the families of the victims of such heinous jehadi terror attack. This is an international conspiracy by Muslim countries to ruin the growth image of India which is being established in the world,” they said in the joint statement issued in New Delhi on November 27.

They said Indian citizens from various professions must join hands to set up a strong mechanism to tackle jehadi terror attacks. This will help police and the army in their efforts to protect lives, properties and nation. No political party should compromise on the issue of seriousness of jehadi terror threat to the nation. It has been noticed that most political parties selectively take different positions for their vote banks when it comes to fighting jehadi terrorism and it has harmed the nation. Jehadis who have been declared guilty in various jehadi attacks in India must be immediately hanged like Afzal.

Anyone is found to be directly or indirectly helping jehadi terrorism even by legal aid or public statements justifying such gruesome acts as ‘a valid reaction to some local disputes’ must be booked under abetting jehadi terror and treason. All political parties, media, NGOs must be covered under this.

The stricter laws should come into effect immediately instead of governments mincing words or wasting time in trying to appease those who have been openly involved in jehadi terrorism. Instead of governments doing it, they wasted important time in victimising Hindus, religious Hindu leaders, sadhu-saints and Army while jehadis have become bold due to this.

Special session of Parliament should be called for making a anti-terror law more stringent than POTA. All international land, sea and air borders of India must be immediately sealed until Indian army locates and catches jehadis holed up in various border areas. Similarly, all state police must locate and arrest jehadis hiding in India in various places with the help of shelter etc by local residents. Those who flutter Pak flags anywhere must be arrested and booked under treason.

VHP plans to protest nationally in a peaceful democratic way against jehadi terrorism. VHP also appeals to all Hindus to keep an eye on any jehadi elements in their localities and report to the local police stations or VHP offices locally, which in turn will report to the government authorities concerned. It is high time all Indians woke up to the serious threat of jehadi terrorism now or it would be too late. VHP also plans to set up anti-jehadi terrorism awareness units to make Indians aware of how to identify a jehadi and his/her supporters. VHP also plans to start a national campaign ‘identify a jehadi’. In this VHP appeals to all Indians to keep their eyes and ears open and if they find any person or a group or a locality suspiciously behaving in terms of jehadi terror type acts then identify them but not to act themselves but to inform either the local police station or a local VHP office which in turn will inform the authorities.

VHP appeals to all Indians to start asking questions to their MLAs, MPs and other political leaders in their locality as to what did they specifically do to stop jehadi terror attacks.

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