Hindu dharma is implicitly at odds with monotheistic intolerance. What is happening in India is a new historical awakening... Indian intellectuals, who want to be secure in their liberal beliefs, may not understand what is going on. But every other Indian knows precisely what is happening: deep down he knows that a larger response is emerging even if at times this response appears in his eyes to be threatening.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anti Hindu Hate Groups in America

12/12/2008 12:57:33


Opposition to Hindus is nothing new in America. For several years Hindus were denied immigration by American law. Despite the obstacles posed by Christian Missionaries, Hindus were able to immigrate to America during the presidency of Kennedy and Johnson. Hindu organizations sprang up across the continent and slowly took root in American society. It is significant that Hindu immigrants have worked tirelessly and convinced American thinkers that spirituality is essential for peace, freedom, harmony and coexistence. Hindu Contribution to science, technology, economics, life sciences, spirituality and freedom are innumerable. Devout Hindus have strengthened the theories of pluralism, yoga, meditation, and the management of human affairs in several ways. It represents a systemic perspective against the naturally limited, historically conditioned efforts of dogmatic ideology to conceive one model of living. Hindu values keep Indians strong by binding us together. By committing and recommitting ourselves to our Dharma, we have forged a common Hindu identity. It is what makes a Pluribus Unum “out of many, one” possible.

Now several Hindu hate groups have appeared in different parts of America in new forms and with different disguises. India has never suffered from a shortage of enemies in America. Recently, Fundamentalist Evangelist groups, Indian Converted Christian Organizations, Fanatic Indian Islamo Fascists, Indian Marxists anarchists posing as liberals, and pseudo secular bigots have made an unholy alliance against India and Hindus in America. They have joined with anti Hindu fundamentalist groups to wage a psychological warfare against peace loving, tolerant, spiritual, pluralistic Hindus. Several anti Hindu fanatic groups such as American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI), Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM), Campaign to Stop Funding Hate (CSFH), Coalition Against Communalism (CAC), Federation of Indian American Christian Organization of North America (FIACONA), Forum of Inquilabi Leftists (FOIL), Indian Christian Forum (ICF), Indian Muslim Educational Foundation of North America (IMEFNA), Indian Muslim Council-USA (IMC-USA), Indian Muslim Relief and Charities (IMRC), Muslim Youth Awareness Alliance (MYAA), South Asian Collectives (SAC), South Asia Forum (SAF), and Supporters of Human Rights in India (SHRI) are busy vulgarizing Hinduism. (The List is not exhaustive). These hate groups’ goal is unmistakably been Hindu bashing. They are not honest critics working toward peace and positive values for America. They are peddling lies, half-truths, and false accusations in the guise of secularism.

What is going on? Why are Indian Converted Christians, fanatic Indian Muslims and Communists betraying India? Instead of creating a positive image, educating Americans, promoting pluralistic, all inclusive Indian values, why are they turning against Hindus and India? These converted Indian Christians, Indian Muslims and Marxists have surrendered themselves to rigid, non-compromising, reductionist, divisive, fundamentalist anti Hindu ideology. These sloppy anti-Hindu bigots suffer from thinking errors and take no responsibility for their nefarious and erroneous actions. They behave without moral conscience, guilt or remorse and they don’t want the consequences of their action known, and if it becomes known, they don’t want to take responsibility. They are well trained to do what they are told.

These Hindu bashers’ language, values, culture, and thinking have been polluted through a denial of traditional Indian culture. In the mad dash to escape from their all inclusive, open ended, universal spiritual philosophy and freedom, that make up Indian heritage, these converted Christians, Muslims and Marxists scoff at Indian cultural values and ethics and become paranoid and psychotic in their attempt to deal with their roots.

These anti Indian groups simply do not understand the result of their own actions and do not stick around long enough to bear consequences. These mischief mongers and miscreants in our midst seldom advocate pluralism, tolerance, universalism or harmony or trying to move the American society in that direction because they are slaves to tyrannical, fundamentalist and conflicting ideologies.

It seems that a slow poison is running the veins of these people and the anti-Hindu crap is just a small part of it. These Hindu bashers are always seemed ready with excuses for Islamic terrorists, missionary culture vultures and Marxist anarchists. Every positive Social service by Hindu organizations is horrifying in their eyes, a sign of bad conduct, and moral decay. It is as if Hindu bashers of Indian origin have arrived at a kind of intellectual truth with Islamic terrorists and the conversion gangs. It is as if they have made accommodation with them. Hindu bashers actually welcome news that makes Hindus and India bad. They find pleasure and delight in vilifying India and Hindus. There is no outrage from these Hindu bashers about Jihadi terrorism, missionary mischief or Marxist violence. While hiding behind tyrannical ideologies, these Hindu bashers in America are playing with betrayal, denial, diversion, falsehood and sophistry.

Are they aware of the social and political damage they have already inflicted on India? Their actions against India and Hindus have no moral sense, logic or common sense. Their recent letter to President elect Obama exposes the fallacious and demeaning logic. The unprecedented and recklessness of their letter is an alarmist tactics of intimidation.

How did they get this way? Mindless missionaries have used deceptive strategies to lure low class, uneducated and poor Indians and freed them from their spiritual tradition and enslaved them in rigid, fundamentalist and parochial Christian dogma. Christian schools have indoctrinated them with closed channel thinking and hostility towards Hindu pluralism, tolerance and transcendental philosophy. They were brought to this country to serve their slave masters. Islamo fascists and Marxists and the anti Hindu pseudo secularists have made an unholy alliance against tolerant Hindus and sacred Indian heritage. These closed channel Hindu hate groups have a goal to insult, ridicule and subvert American religious freedom. These Hindu hate groups are mired in hostility and tyrannical ideologies. They will always see India as immoral and dishonorable. No matter how much Hindus and India do today, these hate groups prey on American insecurities, ignorance and the gaps in their knowledge. These Indian born maroons exploit American hopes and fears. In short, these anti Hindu hate groups represent the ultimate in vanity and betrayal.

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