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Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Enough is Enough" - Jaichands

03/12/2008 14:42:34 H Balakrishnan

This has reference to the ' pearls of wisdom ' from the ' secular ' Seema Mustafa in her " Lessons from Mumbai " - (TNIE - 02 DEC).

It has become necessary to subject some of her ' pearls ' to an anatomical dissection!!

"The point to understand is that for the moment it is not important whether the terrorists were from Pakistan - - -".


Of course, the citizens of India want to know. Of course, the international community wants to know. Of course, 'the world wants to know', for the simple reason, the next attack anywhere around the globe, would be mounted from the soil of 'Jihadistan' by the ' Islamic Jihadists '. No more. No less.

Onto the next pearl.

" -- - not its laws, as we have more than enough of these - - -".

In a word - ' BULLSHIT '!!

And ' SECULAR ' at that!! Afzal Guru was “convicted " on the basis of POTA AND NOT - REPEAT - NOT BY THE IPC. Nations across the world have enacted ' stringent ' anti-terror laws to protect their citizens, and to bring to book, the ' ISLAMIC JIHADIS '. It is our ' bleeding heart liberals ', a euphemism for - "JAICHANDS" - who have been bleating about 'enough laws'. Lets put it bluntly - WE THE PEOPLE - of this Nation - WANT STRINGENT ANTI-TERROR LAWS. And the apologists be damned.

Like the 'Indian Asphyxiated Service - (I.A.S.)', our columnists are also "Jack of all Trades", and may I add, " Master of None"!! Thus, from 'generalities', Seema Mustafa, suddenly turns " tactician " and, as a new avatar A.T. Mahan, declares – " The Coast Guard did not detect the rubber dinghy carrying the attackers " ! !

Ignorance WRIT LARGE. Does our ' tactician ' know that it is the Marine Police, that is tasked with patrolling and sanitising an area of upto 12 nautical miles from the coast? The Coast Guard, thereafter takes over upto the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), and the Indian Navy, the waters beyond. This is the policy directive of the Government of India. That the Marine Police is yet to take off - despite this policy decision of more than 3 years- is a different story of ' babudom's' - 'Aaj Nahi - Kal Nahi - Kabhi Nahi (Not today - Not tomorrow - Not Ever) form of procrastination.Therefore, when 'Quacks' start writing on 'strategy and tactics' the resulatant is a surefire recipe for 'Disaster'. Seema Mustafa has just proved it!!

The next smokescreen.

" The question is not of Muslim or Hindu terrorism ".

Of course it is. It is a question of ' repeated ' ' ISLAMIC JIHADI TERRORISM '. Thanks to the 'secular' media's machinations, one sees the way Pakistan is playing up the Samjhauta Express Blasts. Thank you - ' secular English media ' for letting down the Nation. Thank you for your 'JAICHANDISM'.

Onto the next diversionary tactic of the 'secular apologists' –

"-- - - - growing frustration among unemployed youth, strife and conflict is going to further test Indian security ".

Typical " COMMIE TALK ". How many of the 'exiled in their own motherland ' Kashmiri Pandit youths, with no hope of securing justice, taken to strife and bomb making?

Examples can be multiplied to call this ' bluff ' of Seema Mustafa - nay - her perfidy.

Then, there was the 'crap' about 'secular' Rahul Bose.

The Patriot Act is all about Homeland Security. Its all about protecting American citizens from the depradations of ' Islamic Jihad 'on the soil of the U.S.A.And lets also face it, the instruments of the State of the USA will go after any killer of American citizens. Unlike our ' yellow ' netas. Period.

The Left-liberal intelligentsia in our country are more than happy to see the UPA regime compromise national security.For both, this means keeping Muslims at home and abroad in good humour. But the key reason for this disgraceful vulnerability is not gross intelligence failure, sluggish response, logistical inadequacy, ill-equipped constabulary or a less than high-tech armed force, but that same debilitating dogma that saps our political will.

That dogma is the notion that the porous national security situation is a fair consequence of a bungled ‘ heart and minds ’ matter at the root. Therefore, Islamic terror is, understandably, its natural consequence. Ergo, Islamic terror cannot rightfully end until the hearts and minds of brazen and perverse killers, ignorant, near illiterate adherents of medieval madarsa-fed shibboleths and their supporters as well as the much-deprived community they belong to, are assuaged.
And in a functioning democracy, political will is of paramount importance. It is political will and firm direction that has kept terrorist strikes in the singular-and-never-again category in the UK and the US. And it is the lack of this self-same political will that is responsible for the frequent gouging of India’s soft underbelly.

In conclusion. Just as there is palpable anger against the 'netas' , it is time to cry out loud against the ' secular ' media. The rants that appear, day after day, in their columns only goes to weaken the Nation's resolve in fighting the Jihadi menace. Its the language of ' treason ' that readers are subjected to - day in and day out.



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